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80% of the Black community still seek a Sangoma’s help to connect with there Ancestors. To remove curses or illness

Entity attachment or possession is widely encountered in all religious groupings and cultures. This phenomenon can result in bipolar, and multiple personality disorders. Depression, self-mutilation, gender-dysphoria, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep paralysis, witchcraft curses and burnout, to mention a few, can also be attributed to entity attachment .


We all serve One God- and he has many names.

The Christian will call their helper the Holy Spirit

The Traditional people will call their helper their Ancestors.

In African tradition, illness is not merely the display of a symptom; it can have some deep-seated cause like a disharmonious relationship with the person’s ancestors


Leonie is a Ethno- Pshycology Practitioner, trained by Translife.

Ethno Psychology is the bridging of Western Psychology and traditional methods of healing.



Traditional African view is holistic and does not distinguish between physical and mental illness.


Elders teach the person who has been called to be a Sangoma.

Leonie was called and was trained in Ethno medicine and she has gone through  a specific ritual Rite with a group of Sangoma’s in the mountains near Fouriesburg. There is a specific Mountain with a cave, heritage for Sangoma’s where the group goes for a whole weekend. The second initiation was slaughtering animals for the next Rite of passage. Which Leonie completed.  Leonie’s Sangoma name is DIAMOND.


The core treatment method of Ethno- Psychology is “Trance State Therapy” commonly known as Hypnotherapy in the western context.

Hypnosis is the vehicle on which therapy is applied.

Hypnosis is merely a vehicle used for the therapeutic process.

Working body mind and spirit to get to the root of any problem.


Symptoms of a curse

Do you have blockages or obstacles standing in your way of success?

Do you feel powerless over your circumstances?

Does violent arguments come out of nowhere and flares up?

Does all your relationships end via jealousy?

Weird thins happen after you were given a gift?

Sudden illness or break-down

The death of loved ones that does not make sense

Onset of fear, phobias or depression


Leonie works with the Light and does not do spells to bring back loved ones. We have a free will and need to learn the lessons out of a relationship and then move forward. Leonie specializes in removing curses.


Take back your power

You owe it to yourself to remove the curse

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