What is Spirit Release Therapy

Healing physical, mental and spiritual distress through spirit release therapy.

Leonie clears negative energies and attachments.


Remote Spirit Release work is a proven method to release negative spiritual influences in your home, office or even land.

  • Does your health deteriorate?
  • Does the Relationships change?
  • Experiencing unusual smells, changes in temperature in areas in your home?
  • Accidents happening in the home?
  • Haunting?
  • Having a phantom lover?


Symptoms of a Spiritual Attachment


Are you:


  • Waking up in the early hours after going to sleep and finding it hard to go back to sleep?
  • Bad or unusual dreams?
  • Feeling depressed, anxious or irritable?
  • Despair, wanting to end your life?
  • Seeing or sensing a presence?
  • Having a phantom illness. Doctors cannot find anything wrong with you?
  • Hearing voices, negative thoughts in the mind?
  • Having negative thoughts, knowing it is not yours?
  • Something is crawling under your skin?
  • Having a feeling of pins and needles over body?
  • Reoccurring electrical, computer or plumbing problems?

Attachments can include earth- bound lost souls, extra-terrestrials, dark negative entities.

Vows, curses and agreements can also bind us.


Black magic can be used by malevolent people to psychically attack individuals.


Working at a high vibration level – healing first takes place in the spiritual before it manifest in the physical.


Leonie  can help with:


Working with Spirit to release the earthbound being into the light for its highest good both for spirit and the client.

Having compassion in doing so, acknowledging each being as part of the whole.

Earth bound souls wander and due to unfinished business, un- forgiveness,  they can hang on to a person or a place and influence their health conditions and their life. They need help to cross over into the light.



Clearing energy space work

Remove ghosts and release spirits.

Bring about an increase in your personal energy levels.

Enable you to feel happy and safe in your home

Increase your feelings of general well- being and improve your health.

Help you and your family have improved sleeping patterns.

Improve the relationships within your family.


After a session the client will feel that a weight has been lifted, more balanced and complete.

Releasing the attachments is the start of the healing process

Negative energy feeds on fear and anger.

As a spirit being we need to meditate and protect ourselves of negative attachments by being aware of our thought patterns, keeping ourselves positive.

Having peace and harmony in your environment, keeping the energy frequencies high will keep the house clear.


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