Removing Curses


Although many people are running around each day carrying family curses.

The Bible speaks of generational curses going back to the 3th and 4th generation.
Ancient Wisdom speaks of going back 7 generations.


Let’s not lose sight of the fact that a lot of curses are self-imposed or self-inflicted.
Without even realizing it, you start cursing yourself. You start telling yourself you’re too fat, too stupid, no good with money, no good in relationships, too ugly, too old and so on. And these self-inflicted words not only become YOUR reality, but they may also get passed on to others in your family.


Other self-inflicted curses arrive after you do something you regret. If it feels like you have blocks, baggage or obstacles standing in your way of success.


Call it Karma if you will, what we sow we will reap, positive or negative.

Always remember, self-imposed or not, a curse is a curse and a blessing is a blessing. So it really doesn’t matter whether the curse was sent to you by someone else or you gave it to yourself.


You now owe it to yourself to remove it.

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Symptoms of a curse


  • Feeling powerless over your circumstances.
  • Seeming inability to create wealth, being stuck and not moving forward.
  • Violent arguments or fighting that comes from out of nowhere for no good reason.
  • The end of a perfect relationship via jealousy from outsiders.
  • Weird things happening in your home or office after being given gifts by so-called friends or clients.
  • Sudden illness or health breakdown that doesn’t seem normal or natural.
  • The death of a loved one or several family members that doesn’t make any sense.
  • Onset of fears, phobias and depression.


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