Traditionally, the word Metaphysics comes to us from Ancient Greece, where it was a combination of two words-Meta, (meaning over and beyond) and physics. Thus, the combination means over and beyond physics.

In the definition found in most dictionaries, Metaphysics is referred to as a branch of Philosophy that deals with First Cause and the Nature of Being. It is taught as a branch of Philosophy in most academic universities today under the label of “Speculative Philosophy.”

Metaphysics has become a description of many fields of interest. When one expresses an interest in Metaphysics, that interest may be in any one or a combination of the following subjects: Philosophy, Religion, Parapsychology, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life after Death, Reincarnation, and much more.


IMM ordained ministers can also choose what they teach and how they operate.


The search for truth, purpose and meaning in life, which cannot be isolated from basic spiritual questions. All of these fields, therefore, are regarded as part of Metaphysics by the International Metaphysical Ministry.


Leonie beliefs that there are many paths humans may travel on the way to finding Truth. There is an old proverb which states “No matter what path a human may travel, it is My Path; no matter where he walks, it leads to Me (God)


And so it is…………..