Do you have a house or building that the people move in and just after a short while they move out?


Does it feel that this property is cursed?


Does people complain of bad energy in this place?


Even a brand new house can have energy attached to  THE  LAND and create bad energy for the new owners.


These energies does not belong here!!!!!!


Signs and Symptoms of energies

  • Lights will go off or not come on when turned on.
  • People may have a feeling of being watched or that they are not alone.
  • Animals may growl at something they see but you do not.
  • Electrical appliances may turn on or off.
  • Objects move around seemingly by themselves
  • Noises such as knocking or footsteps
  • People feel drained or depressed in the dwelling but better outside
  • A gut feeling that things just aren’t right


If you have ever done any spell work, been part of a magikal group, played with a Ouija board, gone ghost hunting, taken part in seances or similar activities you may have inadvertently opened a portal, or invited a less than welcome guest to come home with you.

Please tell me if this is the case, even if it was years ago.


Entities can get in when your energy is low and your psychic boundaries have been weakened. For example after an operation, or when you have been ill with either a physical or mental illness. Although entity removal may be useful in allowing the body to get on and heal unhampered, it is not to be seen as a cure for an underlying illness which should get medical attention.


These attachments can include earth- bound souls, and dark negative entities.


Vows and curses can also bind us.


Black magic can be used by malevolent people to physically attack individuals.


We do house cleansing and blessings


We specialize in removing these energies


We are 2 persons clearing the house


Working with High Vibrational Light energy- these energies can be removed and send back to Source, back to the Light without judgement.


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