Leonie comes from a traditional Christian background. Early 1990” s she changed to Rhema Church in Bloemfontein where she did 3 years of Bible School. This Word Base Church: using the Word to manifest that which you desire, believing in the Spoken Word and visualizing the outcome.

Leonie Soul searched on. She felt that God (Source) could not be placed in a box and that there are many ways to experience Him.

There are many paths that lead to One God (Source).

Religion is the way shower and the relationship that you have with God (Source) helps you further on your spiritual path.

Leonie ventured on a Spiritual Journey.

Leonie read the books Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch and started to understand more about Spirituality. She loves the books of Paulo Coelho, where he gives life lessons.

Doing a course with Angelways and qualified as an Angel Practitioner in 2006. Learning that God (Source) uses Angels to help us humans, to stop suffering, were we have helpers to assist us on our journey on earth. We humans need to ask for help as the Angels cannot interfere with our free will. Knowing that we all have Guardian Angels who look out for us and that we are protected always and never alone……

Leonie did her Reiki Course in Bloemfontein and a few years later she did her Reiki Masters as well as Lightarian Reiki. This taught her about being aware of energy around her.

Leonie listened to a meditation Cd of Doreen Virtue on Past Lives, different fragments of ourselves and knew that she had to learn how to tap into this part of self, to release the past and started her journey studying Hypnosis with Translife.

Leonie did a Life Coach course with Translife and is an Ethno Psychology Practitioner EPP.

She did other courses with Translife like Traditional Healer and African Medicine and furthered the training near Bloemfontein. 80% of our population still goes to Sangoma’s for advice on family affairs and wellness. Leonie believes that God uses her in helping other traditions to reconnect with their Ancestors.

Leonie accommodates any Religion Practices to help a person find their way back to God (Source)

Leonie furthered her studies on Religion by obtaining her Bachelors/ Ministers Degree from the University Of Sedona In Arizona in 2011 and in 2012 completed  her Masters Degree in Metaphysics 2012.  She has finished  her PhD Degree in Metaphysics in 2015.

Leonie Specializes in;

Metaphysical Minister

Traditional Healer

Life and Soul Coach

Reiki Master