Signs from the Angels. Angel Numbers repeating?


11;11 signs  818

Do you see the same numbers repeat in your daily life?

Do you hear the same song playing in your head or on the radio?

Do you smell something?

Do you get goose bumps when you say or think something?

Doreen Virtue has written a book Angel Numbers that can guide you when numbers Appear

Do you see feathers or coins- This reminds you that Angels are near

When you see these numbers or signs- Notice what your thoughts was at that exact moment- this will give you guidance on that subject


A gateway has opened. Manifesting rapidly thoughts into reality. Match your thoughts with your desires.Let no fear or negative thoughts in- otherwise, you will create just that. Focus on positive thoughts and desires.


My finances are healed. I am financially secure and have a surplus of money to spare and share

signs47angel   doreen

I was gifted, blessed? with this Cement Angel. I found it under my post box last night. It was left there. I do not know where it came from.

Is it a message from my Angles? Reminding me, that they are  with us in this world and form?



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