With an Eclipse, everything is magnified.

Use powerful intentions to create your Dreams and it will be amplified by the Moon energy.

What inspires you to Create success?

Would you like to create more abundance, money, your dream job, a baby, a new relationship ?

What you focus on, you will bring into your life.

Use this full moon to focus on what you would like to create.

What change do you want to create from the inside out?

What is not serving you anymore, that you need to let go of?

It’s a chance to let go of situations or people that you have outgrown. 

Let go of what is complicating your life.

Be open and ready to receive more into your life.

Prepare yourself for the new

Sow the seed of ideas, dreams, and action them out into the world, into reality

Let us create change from our heart space.

Step into the life that you are meant to live

1. Know that you are worthy to receive what you would like to have.

2. Know what you do want.

3 Set out goals and how to achieve it. Have a plan

4. Make a decision to change from being stuck into a fulfilling life

3 days before the full moon and 3 days after full moon, the energy of the money is very powerful and we use these days to tap into her energy.

Create a ceremony or space with candles, incense, altar where you can:

1. Write down what you would like to let go of on one piece of paper.

2. On a different paper, write down what you would like to manifest for this coming month

3. Sit in the moon energy and let her know of your intentions

4. Burn the letting- go paper in a safe environment, letting go of that what is no longer serving you.

Forgive others and yourself

5. Place the what you would like to manifest paper into a container where you can keep it safe for the rest of the month

Thank the Moon energy for showing up again, for helping and assisting you in a manifesting something better. 

This is also a good time to place your crystals in the moon energy to cleanse them.

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