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Crystals and some of their uses:

In ancient Sumeria, they were the  first people who used  crystals like  lapis lazuli, carnelian, and turquoise — to ward off illness and negative energy.

In the Old Testament, the breastplate of Aaron has 12 gemstones representing the 12 tribes

Symbolically and physically there was a specific way the priest had to dress.

God is practical and uses order. Read  the JEWEL STONES of ISRAEL’S TWELVE TRIBES:

Read the history of Crystals here:


bracelet         laborite pendant

Crystals have been used for jewelry in amulets and charms.

Crystals have different properties and crystals act as conduits for healing and is used as an alternative medical technique.

Leonie loves to wear her crystal jewelry for protection.

Being an empath- the jewelry helps protect her aura field.

In ancient civilizations, they have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages

Gemstones are living creatures. They are active participants in nature and can be used on animals as well.

Crystals on animals

crystal and cat              Crystal-Chakra-Healing-for-Animals-300x300                            crystal and dog

Crystal Grids

healthwellness-crystalgrid                                crystal grid flower of life

Crystal grids                                                                                   flower of life

The flower of life template can be used for a grid. There are many other forms of templates or you can create your own using sacred geometry.

You can create your own grid for love, manifestation, protection and much more.


Crystal skulls

laborite skull

Labradorite skull

Crystal skulls invite us to experience other states of awareness. The Mayan and native people or other indigenous people who hold the crystal skulls as sacred objects believe that part of our soul, our consciousness, can literally travel into these other dimensions through the crystal skulls us to access other levels of our own consciousness, which many of us today have forgotten how to use. Multiple levels of reality that exist in parallel to our own everyday waking world.  Trained  shamans,uses the crystal skulls as doorways into other dimensions.

Labradorite works with the subconscious mind and  brings forgotten memories to light and facilitates their understanding. Labradorite has protections properties and awakens  one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Crystals and chakras

Crystals can transmute energy to your body and balance the energy flow to the body.

When the stones are placed in the area of the chakras, the colour of the stones may correspond to the colour which is associated with the corresponding chakra

chakra crystals         crystals for chakras         crystals -full moon

Book a session for Trauma release through crystals

Crystal reading

Jikiden Reiki healing

Aura healing and  much more

Always get medical advice on illnesses  without delay for effective treatment, crystals can be used as enhancements.

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